Angela’s Beach Graduation Session | Carlsbad Graduate Photographer

Last month’s graduate session in Carlsbad. Angela graduated last month from CSUSM! As a first generation graduate, we’re all so proud of you :) There are few that I know that have conquered what Angela has and I can’t wait to see what is to come.


Congratulations, Angela <3



Angela Grad Web Ready-45.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-48.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-31.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-32.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-12.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-1.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-30.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-6.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-23.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-10.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-4.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-14.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-47.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-16.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-25.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-2.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-22.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-3.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-24.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-7.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-39.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-51.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-52.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-9.jpgAngela Grad Web Ready-33.jpg

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