I first spoke with this mama just days before her delivery, when I learned of her very quick labors. As baby number five, she needed someone close by to make sure the baby’s arrival didn’t happen before the photographer’s! Well, wouldn’t you know that babies have their own timelines for birth! We all were pretty surprised.


This sweet baby girl took her time, and her mama showed such strength when things just weren’t how she had planned. I first joined her late on Friday night, but after a long night of laboring, things slowed down until the next evening. I loved meeting the other children and spending time with her oldest daughter throughout it all. At one point (seen in the staircase photo below), while her mama was laboring, she quietly put together 3rd birthday invites for her sister for the next weekend.

Once I arrived the second evening, things happened very quickly!

Baby Eila Celeste was born at home in the water on 6.28 in the arms of her big sister.


I also was able to create a movie from video I shot at the birth. What an incredible thing to be able to hear those first cries all over again.

Welcome Eila from Melissa Taylor on Vimeo.

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