It was cold, windy, and stormy when we met for our session and poor Latisha was getting over the horrid flu, but you wouldn’t even know. Especially with a couple in love, Latisha’s piercingly beautiful green eyes, and the rainclouds in the distance that looked like they’d been water colored by the hand of God himself.


Henry and Latisha are getting ready to celebrate their ten year anniversary in just a few days and contacted me to get some photos together near their home in Temecula, CA to celebrate. Anniversaries are such important moments to celebrate: to commemorate the hard work, love and dedication it takes to make a relationship survive andĀ thrive. What better time to dedicate a session to their love for each other. Latisha told me that they haven’t had photos done together since their wedding, which I think really rings true for many (I’m guilty)! I’ve photographed engagements before, and it’s a great time of sweet beginnings, excitement, and the marking of the beginning of an incredible adventure. It’s even sweeter to have a couple intentionally take the time to document themselves mid- journey. It’s dedication and a beautiful, raw reflection of how these two sow into each other and their relationship daily. Let me just say, they can light up a room when they look into each others’ eyes. In marriage, you see each otherĀ every day. You know the ins and outs of your spouses strengths and weaknesses. It’s thick and thin. You work and fight and scale mountains for that safe haven you’ve built together. It’s incredible and inspiring to see that after ten years together, these two get that spark when their eyes meet.


Those distant clouds paint another picture to me, one where a fierce love has weathered storms and brought these two closer than ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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Henry wanted to send a little Valentine to Latisha,

“Happy Valentine’s day to my best friend and the love of my life!”





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