A few weeks ago, I went for a drive with my three Littles. All were due for a nap, but were going through a rough time from that hard stage of needing naps, but not sleeping well once night arrived if they had one. So, to a magical drive we went, Josh, with a hotwheels, and Kadence with a pen and tiny composition book. In the mirror I watched her fervent scribbling beginning to extend it’s bounds onto her arms. Some days, you pick and choose your battles. That day, a little artwork on the hands wasn’t worth it. I headed to a beloved Starbucks drive-thru and got a little pick-me-up and some water for the kids. This is when I noticed the pen on Kadence’s face. I retrieved the pen, delivered the water, and stifled a laugh as I snapped a photo with my phone. The rest is history. And wedding slideshow material.



I entered the photo into a fun contest by Mommy Shorts, never imagining it’d go this far! My girl was on the Huffington Post, a Turkish newspaper, and The Daily Mail. I woke up to find that this morning, she was on Today Show! Here is a list of all the places her crabby picture went.

Let it be known, that though this girl may be seen by the world now as the most evil looking baby of 2012 because of her uncanny ability to dish out a frightful glare, she’ll forever be my sweetheart, who teaches me to find the treasure in every moment. You never know which moment will be your last… especially if looks like that could kill.





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