Melissa Taylor Photography is asking for Moms and Dads interested in a newborn lifestyle session to “get in the picture.”


Those cute, posed babies are oh, so cute! I mean, who can resist those sleepy faces in adorable poses? This is even something that I offer! But a few days ago, I was reading this article. It convinced me that, Me, Myself, and I are all guilty of avoiding being in photos. When I think about my favorite baby photos of myself, it’s the ones with my parents.


I had to do something about it! I started by getting in front of the camera. I’m lucky enough to have a great friend who is also a photographer. You can see some of the photos shortly!


Next, I decided to help you out there. You, who created and carried that baby for months, who is missing sleep at night to nurture that tiny, growing body. You, who brought home Chinese/Oreo Cookie Shakes/ fresh-squeezed OJ without any questions, who work forty hours a week waiting for that hour hand to click so you can come home and kiss your sweet newborn.


Join me, and “Get in the Picture.” Because you are such a huge part of this new miracle of life, too.

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