Our Halloween was sweet and pretty uneventful, just how I like ’em.

My sister went all out on K’s outfit, and took her for a bit for some preschooler- pampering. K came home and I couldn’t believe how grown up she looked. She definitely take this princess business seriously. I love that she’s tough, brave, artistic, and princessy. It’s a beautiful, fierce combination. This dress will be an indoor one, at least for a week or so, and she can climb trees, and swing on ropes in all the others.

J switched up costumes after I exhumed his sword from the closet. It had been placed there for safe keeping until he was able to hold back from attempting to slay his family. He was a knight this year, and this was serious business, as usual. Not too many photos of him, but I respect that sometimes this little man doesn’t want his photo taken. The ones he asks for are my favorites.

Miss Addy slept through most of the day, but woke just in time for an amazing sunset before going to a little Autumn Festival. She fit right into K’s old Tinkerbelle outfit. She was killing me with her sweet expressions and that golden hour sunlight. She’s begun to ask me to dress her up during the day, and I’m just in wonder, watching her mind grow as she observes the others.


These are some photos of the girls that evening at the golden hour.

photocrati gallery

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