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Part One:

Early on a Sunday morning, I squeezed out of the arms of Addison and tip toed into the living room. A morning alone, with a sleeping family is strange, but relaxing. If I had more willpower, I just might do it regularly. I whipped up breakfast for when they woke, ate, and headed out the door.

Say all you can about the pitfalls of the internet, but without it, I wouldn’t know Amber and Brian. Amber and I began chatting just after our youngest daughters were born. Crazy enough, they were born on the same day, and even more, we’re distantly related. Amber is brilliant with photography, and with kids close in age, our faith, and living in old houses here in Vista, we have lots of points to connect. Amber has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me.

These photos also mark a chapter that’s changing in their lives. In the next few months they’re going to become a foster family, and I’m so thrilled for them. The love and strength, so apparent in these photos are exactly what some little one out there needs.

When I arrived, Brian and Amber were awake, and the littles were just barely opening their eyes. Don’t you love their sleepy eyes and bedhead?

One thing I know, is that it’s sometimes hard to see the beauty in our own mundane, when we’re working, slathered in who knows what, and are working to build these little people into loving, helpful grownups. This is what I love about in-home sessions. The realness. They pull out the joy, the togetherness, and the bond that weaves families together. That’s what I see when I get to hang out in the corner and observe. That’s what beauty I saw in the Sliffe family that morning.


Thank you Brian and Amber for opening your doors <3 Stay tuned for part two of our morning together.

photocrati gallery

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