Home school looks different for each family, but this is our story. For us, it was important for our active boy to be able to run, get dirty, and learn by being immersed in this awesome set of land we live on. In a world full of “boxes”, social expectations, rigid learning schedules, and classrooms full to the brim, I always knew we’d eventually end up in the home school party, I just didn’t realize our journey would begin so soon.



I’ve been inspired by families I’ve met through my photography like the Doan Family with their In-Home session, and the Lynch Family with five smart, beautiful daughters, and it pulled at my heart to be a part of something so incredible at such a pivotal time in our children’s life. They’re only little for so long, and who would know better about the ways they learn than their own mama? I was so pleased to find a local charter school that now provides our materials, but also great flexibility, because I needed some hand- holding if I was going to take the plunge.


I’ll be honest. Homeschooling a kindergartener with a four year-old and a nearly two year-old has it’s challenges. We have good days and bad days, and sometimes our “school” is being outside in the sunshine, climbing ropes and watching the birds build nests in the pine tree and old shutters near the kitchen window.

Other days are “adventure days” where we can’t stand being in the house anymore and hop in the car to explore the world through hiking trails or train rides.

My girls aren’t in official school yet, but they do spend some time with us and learn alongside us. We experience a wide range of emotions from all ends of the spectrum within the short hours that we do school at home. We take breaks. We snack. We play. And we have the freedom to explore their individual learning types, catered to each child.

There are lots of costume changes and cups of coffee, and all along the way I learn patience, joy, and simplicity through them. But it’s crazy-beautiful, because it’s “us.”



And here we are.


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